Facing Nature in Japan
Facing Nature in Japan
Produce good vegetables every day

Burning the spirit of vegetables,
we aim to be the best in Japan.
Agricultural Corporation Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku


A bright and prosperous future led by agriculture.

●To provide a stable supply of safe and secure vegetables.
●To establish a business with vegetables.
●Contributing to customers, the community, and society.
Is farming hard? Is it hard? Unprofitable?
We are convinced that we can change the image of agriculture as a “3K” industry by applying our ingenuity and ingenuity to farming.
We are refining our techniques and conducting thorough research on taste, safety, and stability.

We do not stop at the end of production, but take responsibility until the product is delivered to the hands of customers.
Farming is a creative job that can be very profitable, rewarding, and fun, depending on how it is done.
We are not looking for ways to sell vegetables at a low price, but to grow vegetables that are serious and win the competition.
At Yasai no Oukoku, our concept is to “bring brightness to the current era and the sense of crisis for the future through vegetable production” as a “3K” company that is inspiring, cool, and profitable.
Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku is located in Kagoshima Prefecture at the southern tip of Japan.
Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku is located in Kagoshima Prefecture at the southern tip of Japan.
About us
About us

About Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku Co,.Ltd.

We are an agricultural corporation that produces and sells vegetables, mainly leafy greens, both domestically and internationally at the southern tip of Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, at the foot of the scenic Mt.
Planting area: 200 hectares of this, leafy vegetables cover more than 140 hectares.
This is one of the largest areas in Kyushu.(As of 2023)
Vegetable production business
sales business
export business
About vegetables
About vegetables

About the vegetables we produce

With the diversification of food, the demand for vegetables for processing and commercial use is increasing, and agriculture is faced with the challenge of meeting this demand.
Taking advantage of the mild climate throughout the year, the Kingdom of Yasai produces mainly leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, green leaf, sunny leaf, and romaine lettuce, as well as sweet potatoes such as Beniharuka and Kogane Sengan.
Especially for lettuce and cabbage, which are our main products, we deal directly with major restaurant chains and other well-known national brands.
From 2024, we will obtain ISO 2200:2018 certification and strive to produce more safe and secure vegetables.




Sweet potatoes


Other leafy vegetables



Trial cultivation


Creating a system for stable shipments

For farmers whose main business is leafy vegetables, which are easily affected by weather conditions, stable shipment is an important proposition.
We will introduce our various efforts to ensure stable shipments of vegetables of consistent standards.

Would you like to work at Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku?

The Kingdom of Yasai is looking for full-time employees to work with us.
It does not matter if you have farming experience or not! Even those who previously worked in jobs unrelated to agriculture enjoy working in agriculture.
Farming can be hard and difficult, but we make it easy for everyone to work by providing easy-to-understand work manuals. We also support each other and work together to accomplish our daily goals.
We welcome those who are already involved in agriculture. Why don’t you join us in “profitable agriculture” by balancing farming and business?

Agricultural Corporation
Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku Co.

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