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Vegetable Production Business

With the great expansion of food diversification, the demand for vegetables for processing and commercial use has increased, and agriculture has been faced with the challenge of meeting the demand.
As demand is not limited to the domestic market, but exports to foreign countries are increasing year after year, we have turned our attention to the production of crops that can satisfy both quality and production efficiency. At Yasai no Oukoku, we take advantage of the mild climate throughout the year to produce mainly leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, and leaf lettuce, as well as sweet potatoes such as Beniharuka and Kogane Sengan.
While producing the core crops as our mainstay, we are also conducting experimental cultivation and basic research on fruit trees and vegetables to find crops that suit the ever-changing climate and soil.




Sweet potatoes


Other leafy vegetables



Trial cultivation

About the production cycle

Growing safe and secure vegetables Vegetables produced in Yasai no Oukoku are grown from seed, and all processes are done in-house.


Seeds are planted in pots using a sowing machine.
Seeds are sown almost every day in order to operate the fields with a production plan based on the harvest required for delivery.

Seedling Raising

We are equipped with 9 large greenhouses and 3 small greenhouses for seedlings. All vegetable seedlings produced at Yasai no Oukoku are grown in-house.
Staff members specializing in seedling cultivation are assigned to manage the temperature, humidity, and growth of the seedlings in the greenhouses until they are planted.


In preparation for planting, ridging is done using a special attachment. At the same time, mulch is spread and fertilizers and pesticides are applied.

Ridging and mulching

In preparation for planting, we use a cultivator to make ridges, and at the same time, we spread mulch over the ridges.


The work is done in pairs, with one person in charge of planting the seedlings and the other in charge of preparing the seedlings for planting.
At Yasai no Oukoku, planting is carried out while adjusting the space between the plants to produce vegetables suitable for the required standard, such as for fruits and vegetables and for processing.

Fertilization and chemical application

We apply fertilizer and pesticides according to the growth of the crop. We follow cultivation plans and standards to grow healthy and strong vegetables that are safe and secure to eat.


When the harvest season arrives, the vegetables are harvested by hand and packed in boxes by a specialized team. They are then loaded onto trucks and transported to the shipping area.
We are almost ready to deliver freshly harvested vegetables to all over Japan.

Shipment area

Vegetables brought to the shipping area are immediately placed in a large refrigerator. Some are stored using vacuum pre-cooling equipment to keep them fresh until the day of shipment.

Resetting the fields

After harvest, a team of field management specialists checks the condition of the soil and prepares the fields with tractors.

Vegetable sales business

The shape of demand for vegetables is constantly changing with the shift to individual meals and home-cooked meals.
The demand for safe and secure vegetables is the same in any field. Considering what farmers can do, we are also focusing on producing vegetables for processing and commercial use to meet new demands.
Generally speaking, vegetables for processing use are large and heavy, while vegetables for produce use are beautiful to look at and well-packed, but we sell vegetables that meet the different standards of each customer.
For fruit and vegetables 50%
Processing and business use 50%

Vegetable export business

We are expanding overseas as a measure to expand our sales channels.
Currently, we export cabbage and lettuce to Hong Kong and Singapore, and sweet potatoes to Thailand.
Japan’s food service industry continues to expand overseas. The same is true for the companies we do business with.
Japan’s high quality vegetables are becoming needed around the world. We see a great opportunity in the agricultural business in Kyushu, which is close to Southeast Asia.
Starting with test exports, we are developing new markets while investigating local needs, and working with related organizations to verify export business plans.

We supply safe and secure vegetables with careful attention.

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