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Lettuce ideal for commercial and produce use

The leaves are soft and fluffy. It is an easy-to-eat lettuce with a large, compact bulb and almost no bitterness.
We can ship according to your specifications. In order to grow lettuce with good taste, leaf density, and other qualities, we conduct soil diagnosis and fertilizer application design for each field.

When to ship lettuce

When to ship lettuce


Cabbage grown in a warm region

Cabbages grown in the mild climate of Kagoshima Prefecture can be shipped for a long period of time.
Winter cabbage has a firm sweetness, while spring cabbage is soft and easy to eat.
In order to grow cabbages with good quality, such as good eating quality and leaf density, we diagnose the soil, and produce cabbages with special attention to fertilizer and soil preparation.

Cabbage shipping time

Sweet potato

Beni Haruka and Kogane Senkan

Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku produces two main types of sweet potatoes.
Beniharuka,” popular for its sweetness and sticky texture
. Kogane Sengan,” which is in high demand in Kagoshima Prefecture as an ingredient for shochu (distilled spirit). Sweet potatoes are a delicate crop. We use precise soil management and fertilizer design, and ship sweet potatoes for both fruit and vegetables as well as for processing.

When to ship sweet potatoes

Other leafy vegetables

Produces a variety of leafy greens

In addition to its mainstay leafy greens, the company also produces and ships green leaf, sunny leaf, romaine lettuce, and other leafy vegetables.

Shipping time for leafy greens



Highly Nutritious Healthy Vegetables

Broccoli has become popular in recent years for its health benefits. It contains various nutrients and is popular for its soft texture.
It is large in size and has firm flesh.
We carefully grow broccoli on our farm in Hokkaido and ship broccoli that can be eaten with peace of mind.

Shipping time for broccoli

Experimental cultivation

Researching the cultivation of future mainstay fruits and vegetables

Group company Nankyu Yasai no Oukoku, Inc. is experimenting with the cultivation of domestically produced lemons and other crops, taking advantage of Ibusuki’s mild climate.

We supply safe and secure vegetables with careful attention.

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