Employee Interviews


I am in charge of preparing the fields for planting on the tractor. First, the person who plows the field with a machine is sent ahead, then a machine called a plow is used to reverse the deep and upper layers of the soil, and then fertilizer is spread. Plowing that field clean again. Then we have them work on putting up mulch before planting.
In the spring, potatoes are planted, cabbage is planted from September to October, lettuce is planted from October, and lettuce harvest begins in November, After the harvest, we prepare the cabbage for the spring and start preparing the potato fields around February.
We make arrangements so that we can work smoothly throughout the year.

Q2.Company impression

When I joined this company, there were a lot of very large machines.
I had the impression that there were a lot of young, energetic people and everyone was having fun.

Q3.What is the best thing about joining our company?

At first, I was thinking of staying near my parents’ house, but the scale of the farm was much larger than other farmers in Kagoshima, I felt a strong yearning for such a place, and I also wanted to improve my skills there, so I decided to work for this company.

Q4.What I am glad I joined the company

I am satisfied because the company responds to my hard work.

Q5.What I keep in mind when I do my job

The condition of the field can be good or bad, so I try to turn it around while thinking about it myself.
I think there are many parts of this company where I can experience many things, I would like to learn to work with machines other than tractors little by little so that the company as a whole can rely on me.


Those who like to drive can use tractors, those who like to be physically active can harvest, and many other experiences are available at the workplace.




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