Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku is a passionate agricultural production corporation.

Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku Inc. is an agricultural production corporation with a large-scale production system at the foot of Mount Kaimondake in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Since its establishment, the company has grown to become one of the top producers in Kyushu, aiming to establish both “farming and management” of growing vegetables and selling vegetables.
It was not only our own efforts but also with the help of many others that we were able to produce safe, secure, high-quality, and efficient vegetables.
We are particular about the soil in which we grow our vegetables, and our customers appreciate our harvest volume in accordance with their delivery plans and the quality of our vegetables. We have established and manualized a successful model as an agricultural production corporation by having our own production know-how and taking a profitable sales method as a business.
In addition to our planned production system based on smart agriculture, we have acquired GAP certification and are poised to become a company that will play a leading role in the next generation of agriculture.
We welcome people with no previous experience in our business! Even those who previously worked in completely unrelated industries are now enjoying their careers at Yasai no Oukoku.
Our work is physically demanding and requires cooperation, but we work as a team, so each task is simple.
Holidays are based on shifts, and benefits such as raises and bonuses are excellent.
If you are interested in our agricultural business, please come and study with us. We also spare no effort to teach farming and management know-how and provide support for those who aim to start a new independent farming business in the future!
Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku” hopes to create many “Oukoku” throughout Japan to build a foundation to support Japan’s food supply.
We would like to create many “kingdoms” throughout Japan and build a foundation to support Japan’s food supply.

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\We create benefits with our employees in mind./

Benefits of Working at Yasai no Oukoku

Training available Various allowances, bonuses, and salary increases Family leave system available
指宿やさいの王国では、スタッフ一人ひとりを代わりの利かない人材と考えて大切に育成し、 待遇のレベルアップや社員のスキル向上などのフォローを行っています。

Employee Interviews

Details of daily work, why I joined the company, what I am happy about working there, etc, You can see the voices of senior employees working at Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku in the video below.

Tractor operation

I am in charge of preparing the fields for planting on the tractor.
At Yasai no Oukoku, I can experience many things. In the future, I would like to learn to work with machines other than tractors and become more dependable for the company.
If you want to try something you have never experienced before, please come to Yasai no Oukoku.

Seedling and greenhouse management

I am in charge of water management and temperature control in the seedling greenhouses. There are 10 seedling greenhouses in total, in which we manage seedlings of lettuce, cabbage, sweet potatoes, etc.
At Yasai no Oukoku, each employee is given tasks such as harvesting, shipping, and management that match his or her skills.
I believe our company is one of the largest in the country in terms of both harvest volume and area. Our company is safe, rewarding, and well-equipped.
\Introducing the main jobs at Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku./

Job Description


Seeds are planted in pots using a sowing machine.
Seeds are sown almost every day in order to operate the fields with a production plan based on the harvest required for delivery.

Seedling Raising

We are equipped with 9 large greenhouses and 3 small greenhouses for seedlings.
All vegetable seedlings produced at Yasai no Oukoku are grown in-house.
Staff members specializing in seedling cultivation are assigned to manage the temperature, humidity, and growth of the seedlings in the greenhouses until they are planted.


In preparation for planting, the cultivator is used to make ridges. At the same time, mulch is spread and fertilizers and pesticides are applied.

Ridging and mulching

In preparation for planting, we use a cultivator to make ridges, and at the same time, we spread mulch over the ridges.


The work is done in pairs, with one person in charge of planting the seedlings and the other in charge of preparing the seedlings for planting.
At Yasai no Oukoku, planting is carried out while adjusting the space between the plants to produce vegetables suitable for the required standard, such as for fruits and vegetables and for processing.

Fertilization and chemical application

We apply fertilizer and pesticides according to the growth of the crop.
We follow cultivation plans and standards to grow healthy and strong vegetables that are safe and secure to eat.


When the harvest season arrives, the vegetables are harvested by hand and packed in boxes by a specialized team. They are then loaded onto trucks and transported to the shipping area.
We are almost ready to deliver freshly harvested vegetables to all over Japan.

Shipment area

Vegetables brought to the shipping area are immediately placed in a large refrigerator. Some are stored using vacuum pre-cooling equipment to keep them fresh until the day of shipment.


Resetting the fields

After harvest, a team of field management specialists checks the condition of the soil and prepares the fields with tractors.
\Aiming to be a new 3K company with “excitement, coolness, and earning”./

We aim to be a great company to work for.

We have full facilities.

Refreshment is important for this physically demanding job. Our spacious break room, full-scale training room, and shower room provide a relaxing environment.

Priority paid for family

We support making memories with your children that come only once. We give priority to paid leave for children’s school events and other family activities.

Aiming to become a professional in the agricultural business

The younger generation, mainly in their 30s, is active in the business. Those who wish to set their sights on independence in the future will be generously given the know-how of the agricultural business.
You can aim to become a professional in agricultural management while working.

Open Positions

Ibusuki Yasai no Oukoku, Inc. is currently recruiting full-time employees for the following positions.
We are also open to tours, etc. Please feel free to apply.

Farm laborer

You can work while balancing your private life in an environment where you have a full two days off a week.
We harvest lettuce, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and other crops according to a set schedule and perform a variety of farm work. The work is done as a team, so cooperation and physical strength are required, but it is also recommended for those who want to work in a mokumoku environment. There are no transfers, so you can work with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Shower rooms and training rooms are available, so you can refresh yourself after work.
We have a company dormitory, so UI-turners are also welcome!

Tractor operator
【No farming】

Tractor operator work.
The tractor is used to go around the fields after the harvest is finished to maintain the fields, to apply fertilizer by adding compost to each field, and to maintain the tractor as other incidental work.
There is no farming work as the tractor is used for this work. You can work in an air-conditioned vehicle regardless of the weather, in a comfortable environment.
There are many fields managed by the company, so we leave the work to you on a full-time basis. We recommend this position to those who want to work in a mokumoku environment, although experience is required to work according to the soil conditions. There are no relocations, so you will be working firmly on the ground. Shower rooms and training rooms are available, so you can refresh yourself after work.
We have a company dormitory, so UI-turners are also welcome!
Ibusuki Yasaino oukoku Co.,Ltd