Employee Interviews


After arriving at work, I go to the seedling greenhouses I am in charge of by truck to manage water and adjust the temperature. There are 10 seedling greenhouses in total, in which we grow lettuce, cabbage, sweet potatoes, etc., and I manage them.
At Yasai no Oukoku, I am responsible for harvesting, shipping, management, and other tasks suited to each person’s skill level.

Q2.Company Characteristics

The president and managing director are younger than myself, and the employees are mainly in their 20s and 30s, I think we are very young. I think our company is one of the largest in the country in terms of harvest volume and area.
It is a safe, rewarding, and well-equipped company.

Q3.What is the best thing about joining our company?

I used to have a job that had nothing to do with agriculture, so since joining our company, I’ve been able to learn a lot of new things that I didn’t know before.
It’s a lot of fun. Some of the work is hard, but I think it is a very good job where we all work together and feel a sense of accomplishment.
The benefits are good, and I get one or two days off a week on a rotating basis.

Q4.About the training

On the day you join the company, you will have a half-day classroom training.
In the afternoon, they go to the field to experience each job.

Q5.About Vegetables

The vegetables we produce are used by a major fast food chain, They are very tasty and we are proud to serve them.


We are a company that will surely satisfy both experienced and beginners, We invite you to join us and try your hand at growing vegetables.




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