Application Guidelines
Tractor Operator

Open Positions Tractor operator [No experience necessary].
Eligible persons No educational background, no experience necessary, no gender requirement.
This is a physically demanding position.
Qualifications 【Indispensable】Regular driver's license
【Indispensable】Large special motor vehicle driver's license
【If you have it is good if】Forklift truck driver's license
Duties [Farm work in the fields managed by the company]
We are entrusted with the management of a field located in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The main work includes tractor circling the fields after harvest, field maintenance, fertilizing each field with compost, and other incidental work such as tractor maintenance.
There will be no farming work as you will be working with a tractor. You can work in an air-conditioned car regardless of the weather, in a comfortable environment.
When you join the company, you will start with simple things such as assisting a senior employee. We will provide you with support so that you can work with peace of mind.

You will work with a sense of fulfillment as roll call is conducted at weekly meetings and daily morning meetings to review the day's work.
This position requires patience to gain experience because soil conditions change from field to field and season to season. This position is suitable for those who want to work mokumoku and acquire know-how.
This is a job where you can experience the fun of agriculture in a variety of experiences.
employment status regular employee
Transfer None
Mandatory retirement age None
Extension of work hours None
Rehired None
duty station 1824-2, Yamakawa Oyama, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 891-0514, Japan
Ibusuki Yasai no Okoku Co,.Ltd.
Phone number:+81-993-35-9910
work hours 7:00-17:30 (This may vary depending on the season.)
Break time 90 minutes
salary Basic salary is 250,000-300,000 yen plus various allowances.
There is a probationary period (3 months).
No change in working conditions during the trial period
benefit travel allowance
Family allowance (spouse: 10,000 yen, child: 5,000 yen (only one child))
bonus Yes, twice a year
salary raise Yes Once a year
Vacations and Vacations 107 days off per year
Paid vacations (10 days of annual paid leave after 6 months)
family leave
condolence leave
Priority is given to family members (you, your spouse, and children) on their birthdays, and they are encouraged to take paid leave.
welfare programme Various insurance
Commuting by car is allowed (free of charge within the premises)
physical examination
Uniform support
Tools and uniforms provided
Equipped with changing rooms and shower rooms
Training room available
Non-standard vegetables can be taken home.
Meals provided for those in charge of year-end and New Year's work
Eligibility Support System
(The company will back up the cost of obtaining qualifications and licenses)
In-house events available

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